The world is a verb is a new project by visual artist and writer Vibeke Mascini in which pieces of used clothing are re-imagined by turning them inside out and sewing additional labels within their seams. A series of t-shirts are this way made to be a walking publication.

The labels hold stories about the metamorphoses between matter and energy, in which electricity is extracted from different sources, such as a stranded whale, a melting glacier and confiscated cocain.

Besides texts from a forthcoming publication the shirts may hold writings by Mihnea Mircan, Robin Wall Kimmerer and Laurie Anderson.

The labels are designed by Dongyoung Lee.

The shirts had a previous life and were selected from second hand markets and stores in Amsterdam, Budapest, Guatemala City and Brussels.

The title embroidered on
its chest is set in Dove’s type, which was recovered from river Thames after nearly a century underwater.


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Vibeke Mascini,
visual artist and writer

Dongyoung Lee,
graphic designer

Mihnea Mircan,
curator and writer

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